The Story Behind Lost Chapter Used and Rare Books

I come from the Land Down Under (Australia), in love with a man in the land Up Yonder (the United States). Indiana no less… I have never seen so much snow.

I saved that man from numerous kitchen fires as, before I came along, he tried to cook his own dinners. Then I went and married him just before he went broke buying to many TV dinners (There were 14 in the freezer the day I met him).

The silly man then brought two cats and a dog into our one bedroom apartment. The cats could not stand the dog and the dog moped around the apartment because the cats would not play with her. I told the silly man, please hurry dear and get me back home to Australia. He responded in a deep hillbilly voice ” Sell everything Jed and move away from there” (He watches too many television reruns, wouldn’t you know).

Now I am not foolish. I really did make him promise that when we made enough money, we would go back home to Australia for a few visits. After all, my daughter still lives there and has promised to wait until I meet the man she loves before she marries him (Yeah right…). My Mum still lives there and would love to see what, in her words, this low down, shiftless husband ____ (Opps … As they say in the courts of law over here – disregard those words!) what this loving husband of mine looks like.

My husband is a book collector and calls himself an Antiquarian (He says both in the types of books he loves, and in his age). He offered to let me sell off some of his collection as he taught me the ways of the book world to help in the cause.

I fell in love with the most beautiful books in his collection and actually made money selling some of them. He never did tell me how much he originally paid for them, just smiled, locked the rest of his personal collection in his den (He calls it his troll cave), and proceeded to swallow the key (for those who are of a mind to know, it took two days before he could get back into his cave.)

We moved out of that one room apartment eventually into a beautiful 100 year old house. From there we began selling old books in earnest. Using the money I made from the original book sales, I bought other books, selling them too and well … it became a business. I learned what to look for in the books I sell and how to describe them. I especially learned the value and beauty of old books.

My clients became friends from all over the world that had the same passion as my husband and I. These people had so many wonderful tales to tell of why they were buying the books, that I now collect the stories as well. From the lady who wanted a book her great grandmother had written to the national newsman who was stranded in a foreign country and wanted to read as many original books written on that country as he could. There was the story of the library that burned down and an effort to put important reference material back in place and a museum that needed valuable research material that could only be found in a book I was selling. There are a hundred other stories, each as satisfying as the last. I am especially partial to the stories of books bought by soon to be husbands as gifts for their new brides.

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